Are You Ready to See God

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Seeing God

Behold the Glory of God 

Matthew 5:8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God?”

How many times have you read that verse and thought about that moment you will first behold the glory of God in heaven on that great day?  This will truly be a powerful moment to end all trouble and worry and pain.  One of my all-time favorite lyrics is found in Eliza Hewitt’s 1898 When We All Get To Heaven where she writes, “Just-one-glimpse-of-Him-in-glory-will-the-toils-of-life-repay.”  Followers of Christ are blessed beyond understanding indeed.

Have you ever considered that Matthew 5:8 may NOT just be talking about our day of redemption?  What if Jesus is telling us we can “see” God while we are here on earth?  Is it possible that’s what our savior meant?

There are many theologians who believe the answer is “yes” – from Ellicott to Henry to Benson to Barnes to Gill and many more.  But we don’t have to just go on the words of Bible scholars; we can find evidence in God’s word ourselves:

Seeing Isn’t Always Seeing…at First

The two men on the road to Emmaus walked with Jesus but could not “see” him at first.  In Luke 24:31 it says “then their eyes were opened and they saw him, and he disappeared from their site.”  It seemed to take a while but they finally realized it was Jesus they were dealing with.

Elisha prayed in 2 Kings 6:17 that his servant’s eyes would be opened so the servant could see what Elisha was seeing.  God answered the prayer and his servant could suddenly witness the hills full of God’s mighty army.

Chapter 11 in the book of Hebrews is loaded with examples where people’s faith carried them along.  In one instance, in verse 27, it says that Moses “saw him who is invisible.”

A pure heart grants us the ability to “see” God.  This idea is the essence of Romans 12:2 which tells us we can know the will of God if we change the way we think about things.  It tells us we will actually be transformed in this way.  This transformation is the ability to see God, to see Him at work in our lives – to look at our day, our workplace, our family, our church, our neighborhood all with a pure heart.

Seeing is the Connection Between Our Heart and Mind

There’s the real connection between what we think and what is in our hearts.  The heart and mind working together are what allow us to “see” God.

In Matthew 9:4 it says, “Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said, “Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts?”

I am referencing this to further the connection between our heart and our mind.   Jesus knew their thoughts and basically referred to these thoughts as being entertained in their hearts.  The way we think and the way we feel are interwoven to create our view of the world around us.  There are many more verses that demonstrate this fundamental truth (Ge 6:5, Pr 6:18, Jer 4:14, Mat 15:19, Rom 1:21 etc.)

So the question stands:  Are you ready to see God in your life today?  Are you ready to see God in your daily interactions with customers and colleagues at work?  Are you ready to see God as you spend time at home with the spouse or your roommates or even in sickness and difficulties?

He is at work in your life.  He is using you to help others find Him.  He is with you every minute of the day.  It’s up to us to look for Him and find Him though he is not far.

Make it a point at the start of every morning to say, “I’m going to seek God today in all that I do.”  He promises us that we will find Him if we seek Him with all our heart.  All means 100%.  And when something is 100% there are no additives.

May every day be an adventure of how to find God at work.

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